Folk Music Ensemble „Gryčia“, director Robertas Petkevičius

The tunes of the National Music Band „Grigiškės” (the band was named after the town) resounded in the Grigiškės culture house in 1995. The first leader of the band was Giedrutė Šochienė, a teacher of Grigiškės music school who had played violin in the famous Jurgis Gaižauskas’ band „Galvė”. The leader’s students, workers of the culture house and members of Grigiškės’ community actively joined the band. In 2000 the band released its MC with 23 compositions.
Since 2003 the band has been conducted by a young energetic leader – the band accordion player Robertas Petkevičius. The band „Grigiškės” is a mixture of people of various nationalities and professions to whom the leader becomes a friend, who can not imagine their lives without music and songs, ravigt till the dawn, creative festivals, thoughtful trips and concerts.
The band „Grigiškės” has been and still is participating in various contests, festivals, celebrations and international events: National band celebrations „Grok, Jurgeli”, „Prie ežerėlio”, „Linksmoji armonika”, „Gaida”, „Šalia kelio vieškelėlio”, World Lithuanians song festivals, International folklore festivals „Roztozce”, „EUROPEADE”, Joninės celebrations, Kaziukas fair, „Atvelykis” and Children Protection day events organized by Alma Adamkienė foundation. The band accompanies children, youth and senior citizens dance groups and Polish folklore ensemble in various local, national and international events and concerts. The Italian, German, Danish, Hungarian, Polish and Latvian audiences have been delighted by the band‘s performances.
2010 is the Jubilee year. In November the band celebrated its 15th anniversary. During the celebration a new name of the National Music Band „Grigiškės” – „GRYČIA” – was introduced.